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  • General Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Neuro / Spine Surgery
  • Pain Management
  • Hand Surgery
  • ENT Surgery
  • GI Procedures/Endoscopy
  • Weight Loss
  • Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Patient Information

Before Surgery

Prior to your procedure, please review required notices, disclosures, advanced directives, grievance policy and patient rights and responsibilities.

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You may also obtain these notices from your doctor’s office. Federal regulations require that you review these notices before the day of your procedure. Notify your doctor prior to your procedure if you experience any change in your physical condition, such as a cough, cold or fever.  You must have a responsible adult drive you home after your procedure and stay with you through the night. We can help you make arrangements with an accredited facility or licensed professional if you need at home aftercare.  Notify your doctor’s office or our nurse when he or she calls with pre-op instructions.

Day of Surgery

The night before your surgery, do not eat or drink anything after midnight unless otherwise instructed by your surgeon or nurse.  You may have been instructed to take morning medications, if so take them with only a sip of water.  Shower to minimize the risk of infection.  Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  Leave all jewelry (rings, earrings, body piercings) at home.  Do not wear contact lenses. Leave all valuables, credit cards and money at home – unless you are responsible for a co-payment or have a balance due.

Please bring the following:

• Reading glasses, hearing aids and dentures (with a storage case).

• Medications required by your surgeon and a list of current medications for the nurse and anesthesiologist.

• Two forms of identification with a picture and proof of address.

• Health insurance card – even if you are having a cash procedure.

• Co-payment, if applicable

• Arrange to have an adult accompany you to the center and drive you home after the procedure – you will be unable to drive after anesthesia.

After Surgery

You will recover at the center until you are stable and meet discharge criteria. You may feel some residual effects of anesthesia for the first 24 hours following surgery.  It is important that you to rest for the first 24 hours under the care of a responsible adult who can help you and help observe your progress. Do not drive a vehicle, make any important decisions or drink alcohol.  Follow the discharge instructions from your surgeon and the recovery nurse. If you experience any complications or adverse side effects, contact your doctor or call 911. Most importantly, rest until you are fully recovered, follow your doctor’s instructions and go to your follow up appointments.

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Medical director:
John Kim, MD

Anesthesia/ Pain Management Director:
Dr. Peter Ly, MD

John Kim, MD
Internal Medicine
Peter Ly, MD
Anesthesia/Pain Management
Shawn Van Enoo, DPM
Mervin Low, MD

Glenn Hifumi, MD
General Surgery

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