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Welcome to the Cerritos Surgery Center

  • General Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Neuro / Spine Surgery
  • Pain Management
  • Hand Surgery
  • ENT Surgery
  • GI Procedures/Endoscopy
  • Weight Loss
  • Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

The Cerritos Surgery Center is a Convenient Alternative to Hospital Stays.

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Prior to Surgery

Please read about all of the things you can do to to help prepare for your surgery. and to make your surgical procedure as easy as possible.

Day of Surgery

The actual day of your surgery. The Surgery Center will be supportive to your needs and here is a list of things that you should know to prepare you for your surgical procedure.

After your Surgery

Often our surgical procedures are very easy and you will find that the procedure itself is fast. Here is how you can recover in the safest and fastest amount of time with little or no complications.

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